Actor Joaquin Phoenix Who Portrays Jesus in ‘Mary Magdalene’ Movie Talks Faith, Forgiveness & Positive Portrayal of Women in the Film

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, who portrays Jesus Christ in the newly released “Mary Magdalene” film, said he is excited about the positive portrayal of women in the film and its potential impact on young girls.

The biblical biopic, which stars Rooney Mara in the title role, attempts to shed new light on the story of Mary Magdalene and her journey with Jesus and the disciples.

Unlike what Catholic Pope Gregory claimed in 591 — that the “sinful” woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, as described in Luke 7, was Mary Magdalene — the film does not seek to portray her as a prostitute.

“It’s undeniable what an important figure she was in this movement,” Phoenix told the Press Association.

“None of the male disciples were at His (Jesus) crucifixion, and she was at His resurrection — that says a lot, and also shows how courageous she was.”

The actor pointed out that Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, the virgin, are for many the two biggest female figures in the Bible.

“I couldn’t help but think of young girls that are religious and have felt like their two examples of them in the Bible are either the virgin or the whore,” Phoenix argued.

“And even if you’re not conscious of that, subconsciously it has to affect you and the way that you navigate the world and navigate your faith,” he added.

“It made me really excited, the prospect of young girls feeling like they’re represented in a biblical context in such a positive way.”

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Source: Christian Post