R. Kelly Evicted from Georgia Mansion that Housed his ‘Sex Cult’ for Not Paying Rent

Popular R&B singer, R-Kelly, is in hot water after falling into $25k in debt from unpaid rent at his Georgia home, where his alleged ‘sex-cult’ took place.

Criminal charges are in the works against R-Kelly due to damages discovered at the residence. No one was home when the eviction notice was served, and the home appeared to be abandoned.

Several suspicious break-ins have occurred at the home, and the landlord is asking for the court to hold R-Kelly’s insurance money until the debt is resolved. A source close to the R&B singer told dailymail.com the artist didn’t make the amount of money as expected, as a result of the bad press from the abusive ‘sex-cult’ accusations.

R-Kelly also rents an additional property in Johns Creek, where he allegedly brings his group of women, when there are visitors at his primary home. This secondary home was also robbed.

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