North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Calls Conservatives ‘Embarrassing Uncle’ in Letter to Amazon CEO

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper appeared to compare conservatives to a proverbial family’s “embarrassing uncle” in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Gov. Cooper was asking Bezos to build Amazon’s second headquarters in North Carolina.

“Finally, I want to tell you that North Carolina is a welcoming state. Like every family with an embarrassing uncle or two, we have a few politicians who want it to be 1957 instead [of] 2017,” argued Cooper.

“But here in North Carolina you’ll find authentic people who respect others, who love our families, people who work hard and are loyal to the state in which we live.”

Cities and states are in heavy competition for Amazon’s second headquarters, which is expected to generate a great deal of jobs.

Cooper also touted North Carolina’s diversity, and argued it would be an attractive location for young workers.

“North Carolina has earned a reputation for cool,” he wrote, “and that’s why we are attracting young people. … And our people are diverse. The children in most of our urban public schools live in homes that speak nearly 100 languages or dialects.”

Bezos is known for his progressive positions on social issues like same-sex marriage, as well as having largely donated to Democratic politicians.

Earlier this year, Amazon had narrowed the number of possible sites for the second headquarters from the original 238 to 20 candidates, of which Raleigh, North Carolina is one.

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Source: Christian Post