Mike Huckabee Invites Comedian Chonda Pierce on Trip to Israel

Known as “The Queen of Clean,” Chonda Pierce was a recent guest on Mike Huckabee’s new show on TBN “Huckabee” and along with talking about her life now as a widow, she revealed that the former governor invited her on his annual trip to Israel.

Before Pierce’s segment, Huckabee introduced her as his “friend” and the “funniest person” he knows. She performed a short comedy skit and then the Emmy-nominated and best-selling clean comedian joined the politician for a sit-down interview.

Pierce admitted that she was ecstatic to be on the “Huckabee” show again because during her last visit on the show she mentioned that she wanted to take a trip to Israel and now Huckabee will be taking her on a free trip to the Holy Land with him and company.

She recalled visiting Israel as a child and being so moved while sitting at the Sea of Galilee. Unfortunately, her touching moment was ruined when she saw a jet ski drive by so she shared that she is looking forward to making new memories with the 44th governor of Arkansas and his group.

Pierce is in the middle of the second leg of her “Getting Back to Funny Tour” and explained to Huckabee that her shows have been a big part of her healing process.

“Being lonely stinks but being alone is not terrible,” she admitted.

“It’s really has taken probably these last three years to catch a breath after being widowed,” Pierce said.

“I find great comfort that in the Bible, the God of the universe said to take care of the widows and the orphans, which meant he looked down through time and knew that I would be in that club.”

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Source: Christian Post