12 Christian Homes Burned Down in Central Nigeria; Fulani Herdsmen Go on Killing Spree

Radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen set on fire the homes of at least a dozen Christian families in Central Nigeria and killed a handful of people in the village, an evangelical pastor has reported.

The Rev. Biri Gado Sunday recently told the United States-based NGO International Christian Concern that Fulani herdsman attacked Zanwra village in the Plateau state in late January and damaged at least 17 homes.

Although Gado only knew of 17 homes that were burned, he indicated that even more homes could have been damaged. Of those 17 homes, 12 of them belonged to members of Gado’s church and one belonged to Gado.

Morning Star News reports the total of houses burned in Zanwra village is 50 and also reports that the communities’ church building was partially burned down.

The attack on the village came just one day after herdsman killed a member of Gado’s church. Gado is a preacher affiliated with the Evangelical Church Winning All denomination.

On the day of the attack, Gado explained that the herdsman also killed a bus driver and two others who were just passing through.

The attack occurred right after the burial ceremony for the church member who was killed the previous day.

The Fulani militants began gathering in groups around the village at 2 p.m., which caused a group of youth from the community to form a line of defense.

“Then, later on, they started exchanging gunshots, Fulanis and the youth. When it was around 4 to 5 p.m., it got worse,” Gado told ICC. “It was getting scary so I had to leave. … At about 5:20 p.m., I saw the Fulani chasing these youth in my direction. I even called the youth chairman, telling him that we need security people.”

Gado said that he told the chairman that if the community did not receive help, buildings would burn down. Although there is a military checkpoint located no more than a mile from Zanwra village, no military help was provided.

“He tried to get to the security, but there was no response,” he said.

According to Gado, the security agents claimed that they were “kept there for the checkpoint.” Additionally, the security team did not call for help to stop the Fulani attack on the town.

“In what is proving to be a common problem, the military is either told not to assist or simply don’t care enough to do so,” ICC noted.

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Source: Christian Post