1,000 Christian Families Flee After Mob Demands Pakistani Teen Be Hanged for Alleged Facebook Post

As many as 1,000 Christian families are fleeing their homes in Lahore, Pakistan, fearful of extremists who’ve threatened to set their houses on fire in the wake of a mob demanding a Christian teenager be hanged for “blasphemous” Facebook posts.

BosNewsLife reported on Wednesday that local Christians have been told by hardliners that they must hand over Patras Masih, a Christian teenager, or else their homes will be set on fire.

The radicals reportedly had gasoline in hand to show them that their threats against the Christians are real, though they dispersed after police registered the blasphemy case and detained Masih.

“The Christians in the area are in fear as some extremists have threatened to attack Christian homes. But at the moment the situation is under control and police are patrolling the town,” said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Christian rights lawyer.

The British Pakistani Christian Association said earlier this week that 17-year-old Masih has been subjected to demands for his lynching, after blasphemous images were allegedly posted on his Facebook account from his lost cellphone, though no evidence has been presented.

Hundreds of radicals gathered outside of the teenager’s home in Dhair village, calling for him to be beheaded.

“Wicked Christian Patras should be punished for committing blasphemy!” one man is heard chanting in a video of the mob published online.

“The situation may yet get worse especially due to the growing number of incensed Muslims baying for the blood of Christians as they seek revenge for the presumed insult to their faith,” BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said at the time.

“At the moment, all Christians in the area are under imminent threat of violence and many report they are hiding in their homes.”

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Source: Christian Post