Here We Go: Homosexuals Harass and Threaten Christian Pastor; Get His Facebook Page Shut Down Due to Biblical Stance on Marriage

A Christian pastor is refusing to back down from his ministry despite the ongoing harassment from LGBT activists.

Rich Penkoski, the pastor of Warriors for Christ, has received death threats, packages of feces and gay porn sent to his home. He has been forced to move to protect his family and has had his ministry’s Facebook page unpublished. Despite all of these, he is vowing to continue his ministry. Warriors for Christ calls itself a “pre-denominational ministry” that is “neither Catholic nor Protestant.” The ministry started as a Facebook page and “quickly grew because of our uncompromising stand” upholding the teachings of Christ.

Part of that stand involves condemning the homosexual act as sinful. Penkoski posted earlier this year that he would ban anyone posting a “pride emoji” on the page, telling Church Militant, “We don’t celebrate anything that’s sinful.”

“It would be the same thing that we don’t want people coming onto our ministry page endorsing adultery or fornication,” Penkoski said.

He said he has received hundreds of death threats and calls for him to kill himself, never expecting the level of viciousness from the activists because “I posted that on our ministry page.” He told Church Militant that he had made similar statements before regarding abortion, “and nobody cared about it.” What’s more, he said, “They focus on that one issue, and that’s it.”

He said the local police force and Facebook did nothing to help them. “Every single person that posted we should kill ourselves or we should die, we reported every single one of them,” Penkoski said. “Not one of them received a ban. Not one of them got removed.”

Since then, he and his family have been “stalked by LGBT activists,” who have been reporting comments, getting staff members banned and trying to shut down their site by constantly reporting their posts and setting up false sites and redirects meant to take away traffic.

Penkoski even trademarked his logo in an attempt to get Facebook to remove infringing sites, but he said that Facebook has done nothing, even though they are legally liable.

On December 29, the gay activists would have seemed to win that battle. Around 5 p.m. ET, Facebook unpublished Warriors for Christ. Penkoski called the timing “malicious” and feels it was calculated to minimize backlash from the media that would be shut down for the long new year’s weekend.

Penkoski told Church Militant Facebook’s timing for the shutdown was “really messed up.” He said a large part of their ministry is Christian counseling, and the very night they were shut down, they were talking with a young woman who admitted she was depressed and suicidal.  When Facebook unpublished their page, they lost all contact with the woman and are quite concerned that she followed through on her thoughts of suicide.

“Marital discord is the number one issue” that Warriors for Christ deals with. Other family issues such as disobedient children are also commonly discussed. The Warriors for Christ Facebook page was a place where people can ask for prayers for reunification and healing or just have a place to talk. Penkoski noted the comments at the petition at reflect many of the people who have been helped by them and their Christian community.

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Source: Church Militant