Florida Mayor Removed From Office After Being Arrested on Corruption Charges

A Florida mayor was removed from office Friday after she was arrested and charged with three felony corruption charges.

Gov. Rick Scott issued an executive order suspending Joy Cooper, the 57-year-old mayor of Hallandale Beach, a city just north of Miami, after she was accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions through former attorney Alan Koslow.

Cooper surrender to authorities on Thursday following an undercover FBI investigation. She was charged with money laundering, official misconduct and exceeding campaign contribution limits, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Court documents show that Koslow was given a Dunkin’ Donuts bag filled with $8,000 in cash by undercover agents August 2012. He allegedly told undercover agents he had influence with the city commission and “had the vote of the mayor.”

Agents reportedly met with Cooper and Koslow several times in 2012 and secretly recorded the meetings. In one such meeting, Cooper was recorded saying she and two other commissioners were a “team of three” and could ensure a favorable result for their project, the newspaper reported.

Additionally, Cooper also allegedly solicited fund for Anthony Sanders, the former commissioner of Hallandale Beach, who resigned from his position August 2017 following allegations of miscounted. The Sun Sentinel reported Sanders was accused of voting to award nearly $1 million to a nonprofit that made monthly payments to his church and family.

In addition to the felony charges, Cooper was also charged with soliciting contributions in a government building, a first-degree misdemeanor with a one-year maximum sentence.

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SOURCE: Fox News