Pontiac Silverdome Fails to Implode

For years the Pontiac Silverdome has been one of America’s most famous ruins, a shadow of the arena that once hosted the pope, a Super Bowl and the World Cup.

On Sunday, the demolition of the 80,000 capacity arena began with a partial implosion that was supposed to bring down the structure’s upper section, the first part of a process expected to take up to a year.

However, when the explosives were detonated very little happened, apart from a few puffs of smoke. Demolition company Adamo said 10% of the charges failed to go off. The building should still fall, it said – it was just unclear when.

“At some point, gravity is gonna take over, one of these sections is gonna go and it’s gonna rip everything with it. Everything is gonna come down,” Kevin Lindke, the project superintendent, told Michigan Live.

“If it doesn’t go, we’ll come back and we’ll either reload it or we’ll hook some cables and we’ll pull it down.”

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SOURCE: The Guardian