Pastor A.R. Bernard Says Trump is Not God’s Choice but is a ‘Concession’ Like King Saul

Pastor A.R. Bernard at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Photo by Michael Chan via

Prominent New York City megachurch preacher and former member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Council, A.R. Bernard, says while some evangelicals have heralded the president as God’s choice, he believes the billionaire leader is more like King Saul in the Bible, a “concession.”

In a recent appearance on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Bernard who is founder, senior pastor and CEO of the 40,000-member Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, said he realized after just his second meeting with the president’s evangelical advisory team that he would not be able to influence policy through the group’s work.

“[I felt] that I would be a minority voice at the table to help influence policy, ideas, initiatives. Fast forward to May of 2017, sitting in the Blue Room next to him at a table having dinner, so I engaged him [Trump] and I seized a good 15, 20 minutes to talk about the inner city, ” Bernard said.

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Trump, however, did not appear interested in what he had to say and seemed more interested in the fact that he had made it to the White House.

“It was like a person so fascinated with being where they are that that was the most important thing,” Bernard said

Bee argued that Trump’s evangelical council appears “equally fascinated” with their access to the White House despite the president running out of biblical commandments to break. She also noted that despite Trump’s claims of his love for the Bible she doesn’t believe he is in touch with scripture as much as he claims, and quipped that he is a “heathen” who will not make it to heaven.

“I physically want to vomit when I hear Donald Trump talk about Jesus. I feel like there is so much vomit inside me that it might blow my eyeballs out of my head,” she said.

“Well I hope you have a lot of reserve vomit because there is a lot to observe I think as long as he’s in office,” Bernard replied. “He doesn’t come across as someone who legitimately knows the Bible.”

While discussing the ills of the Trump presidency, Bernard explained that it has exposed a sickness that needs to be healed in American society.

“This is not all bad because America has been exposed,” the New York City preacher said. “We’ve been forced to have a conversation that we’ve needed to have since the Civil War. I interpret it [Trump’s election] as Saul, someone who was put into power not at the desire of God but as concession to the people and who ended up exposing the spiritual and moral condition of the nation.”

Scripture shows that Saul became King of Israel after the people demanded a powerful king from God. Even though God did not approve, he gave the people the king they asked for. While Saul served God for a short time, he soon started disobeying God and became very wicked.

Bee asked if the evangelical community will lead the charge against the moral rot of humanity exposed in American society, and said evangelicals appeared very comfortable using Trump as a “cudgel in the culture war.”

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Source: Christian Post

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