DJ A-Trak Criticizes Russell Simmons for Response to Allegations of Sexual Crimes

The Canadian DJ A-Trak on Friday is calling on hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, who is accused of raping or harassing 12 different women, to ‘be a man, dude.’

A-Trak criticized Simmons for his #NotMe post on Instagram on Thursday, where he vehemently denied the allegations against him and promised to prove his accusers wrong.

Simmons has said the results of a lie detector test show that he did not sexually assault model Keri Claussen Khalighi.

An image obtained by TMZ purports to show taking the polygraph Wednesday in the Los Angeles area which Russell’s camp says was administered by a national leader in the field of polygraphing.

‘The thought of Russell Simmons taking a polygraph is so wack. He is more concerned with preserving his reputation than acknowledging and inspecting the hurt that he brought to many women,’ A-Trak wrote on Twitter.

‘He probably believes his own lies, too. Be a man dude.’

A-Trak tweeted that Simmons ‘dresses like a 5-year-old’ and ‘a toddler.’

‘I obviously respect Russell’s contributions to hip hop, but it’s important to separate someone’s achievements with their own person.

‘I always suspected there was something off about a dude who dresses like a 5 year old. Mans dresses like a toddler.’

A-Trak then wrote: ‘FOH with that #NotMe bulls**t. Do more yoga.’

‘The #MeToo moment is so important. Not just for society to finally acknowledge the insane extent of institutionalized sexism, the amount of trauma that women have had to endure and bury in fear; but also for the star system to get dismantled,’ he tweeted.

Simmons is being investigated by the New York Police Department. Eight of the 12 women who have gone public with their allegations say their encounters with Simmons took place in New York over a period spanning three decades.

Fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone was the 12th woman to come forward with her own allegations against Simmons.

Cutrone claimed on Thursday that Simmons tried to rape her in 1991.

Cutrone, who founded fashion PR house People’s Revolution and starred in several reality shows, says she decided to come forward after the entertainment mogul denied the allegations of the 11 other women.

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Source: Daily Mail