Warning to Men Who Are Still Taking Home Prostitutes: Prostitute Shoots Man in Head Because He Was Not Performing Sex Act Correctly

A prostitute shot a client in the head because he was giving her bad oral sex, she claimed.

Marissa Wallen, 21, allegedly blasted the man twice at his home before making off with his wallet and going on a spending spree.

Her alleged victim, 36, miraculously survived the shooting at his home in Everett in the US state of Washington on 21 October.

The mum-of-one wept as she appeared in court on Thursday, where documents said she was an “emotionless, cold and calculating” escort, local news site My Everett Newsreported.

The probable cause file added: “In the end she said that she shot [the victim] two times in the head because he was preforming oral sex wrong and she did not know how to tell him that”.

Wallen’s alleged victim, who has not been named, had more than £9,000 stolen from his accounts, investigators said.

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Source: The Sun