Racist Note Found in Black Student’s Locker at New Jersey Christian School

A black student attending a New Jersey Christian school has been the target of racial harassment, prompting an investigation by the school and sermons at school about how to treat one another.

According to Philly.com, the black student found two notes in his locker at the Gloucester County Christian School, complete with racial slurs. Campus administrator Pastor John Mark Turner told the news site that the school is investigating and attempting to identify the perpetrator in the case.

“It’s very disturbing,” Turner said. “We want the kids to be polite and courteous and understand that their words hurt people.”

But more than being hurtful, the latest note that the student found was downright threatening.

“I hope you die, nigger,” the note, found on Oct. 18, read.

The student had found another message at his locker on Oct. 13 but had ignored it.

Gloucester, which is located in Sewell and extends from kindergarten through 12th grade, has a predominantly white student body; about 7 percent of students are black.

The Camden County East Branch of the NAACP has launched an investigation of its own and is marking the incident as a possible hate crime, chapter president Lloyd D. Henderson confirmed.

According to Henderson, there was a similar incident reported at the school several years ago.

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SOURCE: The Root, Breanna Edwards