Ellie, an Asian Elephant at St. Louis Zoo, Diagnosed with Tuberculosis

Ellie the elephant isn’t showing any symptoms, and she’s able to stay with her elephant family for support, but she is being treated for tuberculosis, the St. Louis Zoo announced Thursday.

Ellie is a 46-year-old Asian elephant, and she’s starting on antibiotics.

Elephants sometimes get tuberculosis and can be treated successfully, and she doesn’t pose an exposure risk to visitors, the zoo reports.

“Because the St. Louis Zoo is dedicated to caring for animals, our established protocols have allowed usu to detect this early and take necessary steps for Ellie,” the zoo’s director of animal health, Louis Padilla, said in a statement.

She was diagnosed through routine blood tests and a trunk culture, and her care team will do more blood tests and trunk cultures as she’s treated. The other elephants in her family will also be monitored.

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SOURCE: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, by