Cowboys Vice President Says It’s ‘Laughable’ Team Could Face Punishment Over Attempts to Interfere With Goodell Contract

It seems the Dallas Cowboys can only snicker at reports saying they could be punished for attempts at interfering with commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension with the NFL.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones addressed rumors that his team could lose draft picks or possibly be forced to sell the team over the conflict, relaying that the franchise is not anti-Goodell.

“I think that’s laughable,” Jones told KRLD-FM on Monday, according to Kate Hairopoulos of The Dallas Morning News. “I think that’s – we don’t take that serious in the least bit.

“And our thought process and Jerry’s thought process is we want what’s in the best interest of the league. We’re not against Roger (Goodell). We just don’t know if this is the time to be talking about major contract extensions when the league certainly has several challenges in terms of where we are as a league, whether that’s our ratings, whether that’s our concerns with our sponsors.”

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SOURCE: theScore