Ex-Chauffeur says a Woman Begged ‘Pig’ Harvey Weinstein ‘Not to Hurt her’ as They Had Sex in the Back of his Car – and the Disgraced Mogul Almost Died when his Gastric Band Failed at Naomi Campbell’s Cannes Birthday Party

Harvey Weinstein’s former driver has claimed that the disgraced mogul once had sex with a woman in the back of his car as she begged him not to ‘hurt her’.

After romping with the young woman, the producer took her back to his usual base, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cannes, and had sex with her again while his pregnant wife, Georgina Chapman, was fast asleep in another room.

Driver Mickael Chemloul, who calls Weinstein ‘le porc’ or ‘the pig’, also shockingly revealed that Weinstein, 65, almost died when his gastric band failed after he overdid it in the buffet line at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party.

Speaking to The Sun, Chemloul – who has already claimed that Weinstein beat him when two prostitutes stood him up – alleged that the mogul kept Viagra in his Mercedes car and would ‘tremble’ when in the presence of a pretty woman.

Chemloul, who was Weinstein’s chauffeur in Cannes, France from 2008 to 2013, alleged the Hollywood studio executive brought the ‘good-looking girl, around 25 to 30,’ back to his car for the sexual activities.

That was when she begged him: please ‘don’t hurt me’.

The ex-employee, 56, says Weinstein and the unidentified woman departed a billionaire’s yacht party that evening before he was ordered to take them back to the hotel – where they would order a room.

‘I turned and saw her with her head in his lap and him pulling her hair … I knew Georgina decided to stay in her room and miss the party because she was feeling tired.’

He then asked Harvey: ‘Are you sure?’ He replied: ‘Just drive to the f****** Cap’,’ Chemloul told the newspaper.

‘When we arrived, Harvey got out with the girl and headed for another room. He was with her until 5am and left her there to go back to Georgina.’

Chemloul alleged Chapman called him around 4:30 that morning inquiring about Weinstein’s whereabouts when she had not heard from him in some time.

‘I was in an awkward spot … All I could think of was he had gone for a meeting with some business friends. I felt forced to lie,’ Chemloul said.

The driver recalled feeling ‘sickened’ by Weinstein when he finally turned up – appearing disgruntled and sweaty with his shirt undone.

He also recalled a separate incident while at model Naomi Campbell’s birthday party in the hotel when Weinstein nearly stopped breathing after his gastric band failed.

‘It appeared he had eaten so much from the buffet that it was too much for the sort of gastric band he had fitted.’

He said guests swarmed around the ill producer before one witness finally phoned an available surgeon nearby.

‘The surgeon did a manipulation that allowed Harvey’s food to go down, so he could breathe more easily. He told me Harvey would have died within 30 minutes if he had not intervened,’ he said in the shocking interview.

The distressing incidents were just a couple of many Chemloul, the author of ‘The Last Monster of Hollywood’, has shared publicly.

During the alleged beat down in 2013 that left Chemloul injured and out of work for several days, the ex-driver said for an unforeseen reason, the prostitutes had dumped ‘the pig’ – when he took his rage out, he said, while speaking with the Hollywood Reporter.

‘He went crazy and hit me,’ he explained. ‘At that moment, there was no question I would ever work for him again.’

A year later, Chemloul filed a lawsuit against his former boss – but claims a local prosecutor dropped the charges, despite medical records showing proof of the assault.

‘It was so stressful working for him – I was taking him to parties and I know he was going to orgies as well but I had to keep quiet,’ he told The Sun.

Chemloul recalled other disturbing incidents he witnessed of Weinstein, which involved him forcing himself upon a manifold of young and impressionable women.

‘I have seen him attend three dinners in one night and still go later to the villas well known for their orgies with police outside to protect the guests.

‘Harvey gets so excited in the presence of women that he trembles, he shakes, it’s as if he is having an orgasm.’

Chemloul finally quit his chauffeur job under Weinstein following the alleged beat down amid the European prostitute dispute.

‘He attacked me violently as I was trying to keep the car on the road. I stopped the car and told him I would never work for him again,’ he recalled of the vicious event.

‘But it still wasn’t over for him … His last words he screamed as he went into the hotel were, ‘Go and find those bitches.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Jessa Schroeder