WATCH: Following Devastating Flooding In Texas, Pastor John Gray Preaches “After The Storm” at The Potter’s House Dallas

“After The Storm” Genesis 8:1-4 (NKJV) and Acts 2:1
by Pastor John Gray

God is about to put things back together in your life. God has a special plan for you and the payoff will be worth the pain. Storms come to give you favor and restore you like new! Be careful that you are not looking for something to touch your emotions when God is trying to mature your spirit.

Pray for the people that pray for you. Don’t take the people that are close to you for granted. We all go through storms but make sure you’re with the right people when you’re going through the storm.

Some people are not faith ready. It’s not the storm that will get you, it’s the wind. Whatever left you, is supposed to go.

There are storms you talk to and storms you talk with (Mark 9:17) and there are some storms you praise thru (Genesis 29:31-35). Sometimes you’ll see the storm but God won’t let it get to you.

Thank God for covering you and also thank Him for not allowing everyone to know your storm. God will give you what’s needed for legacy over what you want in you flesh. God is the only man that can give you Identity.

There is a storm that you have to praise thru. You will then realize that GOD has not forgotten you. The purpose of the storm is to show you what you were made of at your core. When the storm is over, whatever is left is the core of your foundation.

Learn to lay down your culture and pick up the Kingdom. That is the lesson in some storms. Keep God with you at all times and He will take care of every problem or situation. He has you COVERED! Salvation, deliverance and healing comes after the storm.

SOURCE: The Potter’s House