Trump to Monitor Hurricane Irma From Camp David

President Trump with the first lady, Melania Trump, on their way to Camp David on Friday.
Al Drago for The New York Times

President Trump will monitor the impact of Hurricane Irma from the presidential retreat at Camp David on Saturday, officials said, as he holds the fourth full cabinet meeting of his presidency to discuss how to advance his administration’s priorities during the balance of his first year in office.

Aides said Mr. Trump would receive hurricane briefings throughout the day as the powerful storm marches toward the southern tip of Florida, forcing millions of residents to flee the impending surge of water and brutally strong winds.

“With gratitude for our first responders, and prayers for those in the storm’s path, America stands united — and I mean totally united,” Mr. Trump said in his weekly address, which was released Friday evening.

Administration officials expressed confidence on Friday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had the resources to respond to Hurricane Irma even as it continues to deal with the aftermath of the flooding in Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey.

“I’m pretty comfortable in our ability and our capacity as leaders, but also as institutions to handle the various different things that come our way,” said Thomas P. Bossert, the president’s Homeland Security adviser.

In his address, Mr. Trump pledged that “we will endure and come back stronger than ever before.” But in a tweet later Friday night, Mr. Trump raised concerns with a longstanding policy that prevents FEMA from providing grants to houses of worship that are damaged by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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SOURCE: NY Times, Michael D. Shear