Kirk Cameron Starts 6-Week Series on Marriage with his Wife Chelsea and Reveals the 3 Gifts the Holy Spirit’s Laid on his Heart and

Kirk Cameron melted women’s hearts through the ’90s, and it’s easy to see why. Bright eyes. Easy smile. Passion for what he does.

But the man he is today isn’t the one Hollywood fell in love with decades ago. His faith outshines every last one of his physical characteristics. And it’s his faith that propels him to make a difference in the lives of American families. 

“I think often about the fact that freedom and blessing and protection, these are gifts,” Cameron tells Charisma News about what the Holy Spirit has laid on his heart. “They’re not rights. The food that we eat, the education that we have, these aren’t things we’re entitled to. God graciously gives us good things to enjoy. They’re not free. They cost a lot. They cost the very Blood of Christ to reconcile us to God, and they also cost our devotion and our obedience to God.

“We’re a nation that’s straying away from the principles that produced those kinds of blessings, and I want my kids to have those things. I want my kids to be in a nation where godliness and righteousness reign in the nation. I don’t want evil to be called good. I don’t want family, church, education and government to be upside down for them.”

These talking points will be featured in Revive Us 2, a one-night only event in theaters Oct. 24. An encore will be held Nov. 1.

“It’s a gathering of Christians all over the nation at an important time to sing and to pray, to worship and to discuss something really important,” Cameron says.

The event will involve directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Dr. Ben Carson, Joni Eareckson Tada, Ravi Zacharias, musical guests Zach Williams and Christian Cuevas, among others.

After the first event, Cameron says he heard reports of revival-type encounters breaking out in theaters, and he hopes to see it happen again.

“People have been continuing to get involved at the local level with their church, their school, their communities, with their kids. That’s the Christian method of change. It starts by transforming the heart of a person, then the mind of a person and gradually works its way out through your home, your community, all the way out to your borders,” Cameron says.

In addition to Revive Us 2, Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, recently launched a six-week video series called The Heart of the Family.

The series takes place in the Cameron household as the couple discusses marriage and parenting.