Kirk Cameron says God Sent the Hurricanes to Teach Us ‘Humility’

© Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Kirk Cameron thinks he has these hurricanes all figured out.

The former Growing Pains star and evangelical Christian has taken to Facebook to post a finger-wagging message that assumes God sent the incredibly destructive and devastating Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma as divine punishment for our collective sins and to teach us “humility.”

He quoted The Bible’s Old Testament to note that God “causes [storms] to happen for punishment, or to water His land to demonstrate His faithful love.”

Continues Cameron: “How should we look at two giant hurricanes coming back to back like this? Do we write them off as coincidence? Do we write it off as a statistical anomaly? Wow! Who would’ve thought? Is it just Mother Nature in a bad mood?”

Actually, many scientists would agree with Cameron’s sarcasm and note there is indeed something that increases the likelihood of anomalous and extreme weather events such as hurricanes — even say that Harvey and Irma are probably stronger because of it — and have only been pointing it out with increasing concern for decades now.

Here’s the Red Cross disaster relief page for donating to help hurricane victims.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly – James Hibberd