Kevin Hart and Wife Eniko Parrish Put on Strong, United Front Amid Extortion Drama as Woman in Video Claims She’s a Victim Too

United front: Kevin Hart has been pictured out with his heavily pregnant wife Eniko Parrish in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday amid the comedian’s ongoing extortion drama

Kevin Hart is pictured out with his heavily pregnant wife Eniko Parrish in Georgia on Wednesday.

The couple, who are sticking firmly together amid reports of the comedian’s infidelity and a multi-million dollar extortion attempt, were spotted on the Atlanta set of Hart’s new project Night School.

Hart, 38, was photographed taking phone calls as he walked with his wife of just over a year.

The same day the woman featured on a sex tape with Hart has confirmed they had a ‘brief and intimate relationship’ – as photos emerged of them partying together in a Las Vegas nightclub last month.

Montia Sabbag, 27, broke her silence Wednesday morning saying she was a victim like Hart and that she had nothing to do with the extortion attempts made against him.

‘I’m not an extortionist. I had nothing to do with these recordings,’ Sabbag said at a press conference with her celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom.

‘Someone apparently snuck cameras into Kevin Hart’s private hotel suite in Las Vegas and recorded bedroom images of the two of them,’ Bloom said.

Back to work: The 38-year-old actor, who is currently filming new movie Night School, wore sporty gear as he chatted to a crew member on set
Drama: The star took phone calls as he arrived to set the same day that the woman seen in the sex tape that was used in the extortion attempt spoke out in a press conference

Sabbag’s lawyer said she is not demanding any money from Hart and denied previous reports that she had agreed to sit a lie detector test for $420,000.

She added that Sabbag had not yet been contacted by law enforcement but they were going to authorities to find the person behind the extortion attempts.

Sabbag also hit back at claims she was a stripper, saying she was a recording artist and actress.

Her press conference came after photos emerged of Hart and Sabbag together at Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel on August 19.

The nightclub photos, which were first published by TMZ, were taken on the same wild weekend of partying that the extortion video was filmed. Hart can be seen almost between Sabbag’s legs in one photo, while she was pictured talking into his ear in another.

Montia Sabbag, 27, broke her silence Wednesday morning admitting she was intimate with the actor but had nothing to do with the extortion attempts made against him
Her lawyer Lisa Bloom confirmed that Sabbag had a brief and ‘intimate relationship’ with Hart in Las Vegas last month
Woman at the heart of Kevin Hart scandal denies extortion

Sabbag, who was identified on Tuesday, was filmed cavorting with Hart in the footage that forced him to publicly apologize to his pregnant wife for last weekend. He spoke out after receiving demands for $10 million from the extortionist who is now being hunted by the FBI.

Photos and videos of Hart and Sabbag from that weekend formed part of the footage that Hart said he was being blackmailed over.

One photo released this week showed Hart laughing and resting his head on Sabbag’s chest.

According to TMZ sources who have viewed the whole tape, the footage later shows a couple having sex on a bed and a man, who looks like Hart, walking around naked.

Hart was pictured on a lunch date in Los Angeles on Tuesday with his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish after it had been alleged he had gotten caught up in an extortion deal

Hart was pictured for the first time with his heavily pregnant wife on Tuesday when they put on a united front to step out for lunch in Los Angeles.

A source told PEOPLE that Hart was struggling in the wake of the extortion scandal.

‘Kevin’s not doing too well,’ the source said. ‘He’s really embarrassed that all of his personal business is out there for everyone to see.

‘It obviously hasn’t been an easy week for him or Eniko and having it come out in public has affected their marriage, but she is determined to stand by him.

‘He also has a lot of friends defending him, so he has a lot of support.’

The scandal erupted on Saturday when Hart posted a cryptic Instagram video apologizing to his wife.

He did not specify what he had done, but admitted to putting himself in an environment where ‘only bad things can happen’ and said someone was trying to extort him.

‘I’m not going to let a person have financial gain from my mistakes.

‘In this particular situation, that’s what was attempted. I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.’

On Sunday, it was revealed that the FBI was probing the extortion attempt and the picture from the tape came the following day.

Sources have told TMZ that the FBI knows who the woman is that interacted with Kevin and they believe that she is the one making the demands.

SOURCE: Daily Mail