Here We Go: The Devil Is a Lie – 2 Lesbian So-called Female Pastors Get Married in New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange, New Jersey

Two so-called pastors, Vanessa Brown and Twanna Gause were married at the New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange New Jersey. According to Twanna Gause, her father, who is a Pentecostal pastor, didn’t attend because he didn’t approve of the nuptials.

“My father would not come here because he does not believe in same-sex marriage,” Ms. Gause said to the New York Times. “He told me the devil tricked me into this, and that if we had been married in biblical times, we would have been stoned to death.”

The Rev. Sam Gause Sr., who is affiliated with the Center of Hope Church of God in Christ in Riverdale, Georgia, and who helped raise four other daughters and a son before divorcing their mother, Cathy Dodson, in 1996, said of his decision:

“Twanna very well knows I’m not for that kind of lifestyle. I believe that God wanted us to procreate through a natural process, and by no means am I happy about this because it is unnatural. I look at homosexuality as a mental disorder. If I start to tell you that I am an elephant, and start to behave as an elephant, that’s my choice, I choose to become an elephant. But you would probably choose to call a mental institution.”

Pastor Gause said he had no plans to contact his daughter.

“I will talk to her at some point, I suppose, if she calls me, but I will not initiate the call,” he said. “I do have some words for her that she needs to hear. I’m not going to condemn her or judge her because I don’t have that authority, but judgment has already been established by God.”

Twanna Gause is the pastor of worship and liturgy at Rivers of Living Water Ministries in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Vanessa Brown is the church’s senior pastor.

When Gause told her father of her relationship with Brown “He slammed the Bible down on a table and said to us, ‘Did you all read this book?'” Twanna said. “He was furious.”

Pastor Gause stated God gave people a conscience that goes against same-sex marriage, and criticized Gause’s mother for attending the wedding.

“We all have a conscience,” he said. “It is through that conscience that we hear from our Creator as to what is right and what is wrong, and if God did not want us to procreate, then why didn’t He just create billions of people with no gender at all? He must have had a reason for doing what He did.”

He said that Twanna’s mother made a mistake in attending the wedding and said she had not showed her daughter love.

“It was a mistake that her mother even went to the wedding. Had she rejected outright that kind of behavior, and become the lovable person that my daughter was in search of, perhaps Twanna would have had a different idea about that kind of thing, and not gone elsewhere to seek love,” he said.