California Pastor Who Had 3 Homosexual Parents Growing Up Says ‘There is a Difference Between Acceptance and Approval’

A California-based pastor, who has had three gay parents over the course of his life, stated that “there is a difference between acceptance and approval.”

Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor for Discovery Church of Simi Valley, was recently interviewed by Dallas Theological Seminary Professor Darrell Bock on the school’s podcast The Table.

During the podcast, Kaltenbach explained that he believed that “acceptance and approval” were not the same thing, including when it came to the debate on LGBT issues.

“I believe that we are called to accept everybody as an individual. That does not mean we approve of every life choice that somebody makes,” said Kaltenbach.

“Every Sunday, anybody should be able to walk through my church doors when I preach and attend our church. But I already know that I shake hands every Sunday with people that have made life choices that week that I wouldn’t approve of. But that doesn’t mean that I accept them any less.”

Kaltenbach also said on the podcast that Christians need to do a better job of engaging the culture of others, including the LGBT community.

“If a missionary goes overseas and is gonna share the Gospel with a particular culture, they have to do contextualization. They have to learn culture,” continued Kaltenbach.

“They have to engage culture — not as a means to water down the Gospel, but as a means to use culture as a vessel to share the Gospel, to communicate it. And I think that a lot of Christians are not, for one reason or another, willing to do that when it comes to certain people, including the LGBT community.”

When Kaltenbach was 2 years old, his opposite sex parents both came out as gay and divorced. He was later raised by his mother and her lesbian lover.

Growing up, Kaltenbach attended many LGBT Pride events during the 1980s, and experienced homophobic rhetoric and hostility from Christian protesters.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski