WATCH: John & Aventer Gray On Tasha Cobbs/Nicki Minaj Collab: ‘Real Ministry is Outside the Church’

John and Aventer Gray
John and Aventer Gray

At the release party for Tasha Cobbs’ new album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit.Jubilee Mag reporter Kim Ford spoke with Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer about the controversial Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj collaboration. 

Here’s what they said.

Tasha let us hear that song and I was in tears because I think people in this day feel like we’re only supposed to commune within the walls of the church. But the true ministry is outside the walls of the church.

What Nicki does for a living is what she does. But she absolutely knows [God], she loves Him and she connected to Tasha because she could see that Tasha is real. A lot of times the people in the secular world, if you will, don’t connect with us who call ourselves Christians because we think we’re above everyone else.

I go back to a few years when Kanye West did ‘Jesus Walks’ and he was nominated for a Stellar [Award.] People were offended. I’m like, you’re offended? But we’ve got gospel artists who are sleeping with everything moving, but you can still sing, right?

Watch the full interview below.