The Potter’s House Dallas To Host Special Birthday Celebration Tomorrow For First Lady Serita Jakes; In Tribute, Bishop T.D. Jakes says, ‘I Would Have Never Climbed so High If Serita and my Heavenly Father Hadn’t Held the Ladder Still’

Tomorrow on Sunday, August 20, The Potter’s House Family will be throwing a special Birthday Celebration to honor their phenomenal First Lady Serita Jakes! You are invited to wear pink end join in the celebration!

Below are several birthday tributes from First Lady Jakes’ family members:

To some she is a Mommy. To others, she is a Sister, Friend, or First Lady and spiritual Mother of The Potter’s House. But a careful observation confirms that she is a Nubian Queen. Her grace and effervescent charm is dazzling without the need for classless overtures of self adulation. In short, my wife is the classiest woman I have ever met. I'm sure I would have never climbed so high if she and my Heavenly Father hadn't held the ladder still! She has aged gracefully and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. @seritajakes never sought the spotlight. She is a demure diamond that doesn’t require light to sparkle, yet the light has always found her! On this your birthday, I pen these words to show appreciation of the fact that you have been the wind that turned the mill in our home and in me! Stand strong Queen! Your dignity and finesse has defined you. Happy Birthday! We all love you more than we've ever been able to articulate! #HappyBirthday

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Today we celebrate the life of Princess Grace. We celebrate every test she has overcome. We celebrate every tear she cried in labor. We celebrate every problem she solved. We celebrate every word of wisdom, and yes all of that is certainly worth celebrating, but I don't just celebrate that as the daughter to this amazing woman I celebrate more than that. Mommybear @seritajakes to name a few I celebrate every stroke of my hair, every hug that restored life to me, every mommy and me time, every smile across the table in a nervous room. I celebrate every band-aid on my knee. I celebrate every prayer prayed heard and unheard. Today I celebrate that you never gave up. You never quit, and in spite of every obstacle you have managed to defeat them all and still stand in the integrity of your namesake. So on this day I thank God for you I thank God for His consistent favor over your life. I thank God for His hand that rest over your mind, body, and spirit. I thank God for every battle that could have killed you, but He fought and you held your peace. I pray that God wow you this year. May this be the confirmation of a divine anointing new anointing. God is going to catapult your gifting from seeds sown before you even really knew what you were doing. God is going to do a 360 on your life and restore you in this season. I pray for the angels to be released on your behalf and bring you a bountiful harvest. If I tried to say more Instagram would stop me. So in a word I love you Mommybear more than words can say Happy Birthday.🎈🎊🎂🎉🎁

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SOURCE: The Potter’s House of Dallas