Dunkin’ Donuts Changes Its Name to Just Dunkin’

The most iconic duo since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie may be headed for a split.

That’s right, Dunkin’ Donuts may be dropping the latter part of its infamous name to become just: Dunkin’.

The brand is all grown up and going for an upgraded look, announcing that a new chain in Pasadena, Calif. will be the first to adopt the new name as a test. Other locations may start to pop up, should the change prove to be effective.

Mostly everything will stay the same through the rebrand but the company wants to be noticed for more than just its delicious doughnuts. “As part of our efforts to reinforce that Dunkin’ Donuts is a beverage-led brand and coffee leader,” a company spokesperson told CNBC, “we will be testing signage in a few locations that refer to the brand simply as ‘Dunkin.'”

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SOURCE: E! Online, Zana Najjar