Dr. Tony Evans says “Only Unified, Kingdom-minded Churches” Can Solve Racial Strife Displayed in Charlottesville

White nationalist protesters clash with police in Charlottesville, VA.
White nationalist protesters clash with police in Charlottesville, VA.

Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, said on Sunday that only “unified, kingdom-minded churches” can resolve the root of the racial strife displayed Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.

Anti-racism protesters were marching against white nationalist demonstrators when a car rammed into them, killing one woman and injuring over thirty others. Two police officers were also killed when a law enforcement helicopter heading to the scene of the melee crashed.

Tony Evans shared his immediate thoughts on Twitter on Saturday, writing, “Join with me in praying for the citizens of Charlottesville. Let’s bring back the humanity in being human. Hate only leads to harm. Let’s fix the systems that fuels these flames.”

On Sunday morning, he shared further, “Racism has reared its ugly, evil head yesterday in #Charlottesville. Only unified kingdom-minded churches can truly change the direction of our nation.”

Dr. Evans urged people to share a three-point action plan titled, A Kingdom Agenda Strategy for Community Transformation.

The action-plan states, “The decay, division and devolution of our culture is, at its core, a SPIRITUAL ISSUE. Since the cause is spiritual in nature then the cure must be spiritual in nature as well. That is why we believe when the church decides to operate in unity and unison on a kingdom-based agenda that we will usher in true and lasting hope for our land.

“However, in order for there to be ongoing meaningful change in our culture, the church must do something it has rarely consistently done before in an historical context: FULLY COME TOGETHER across social, cultural, racial and denominational lines around a common vision designed to simultaneously develop disciples while positively impacting our culture and communities through good works.”

Click here to download the action-plan.