Marvin Sapp On the Success of Jay-Z’s “4:44”: ‘Christians Ought to Support Gospel Artists No Matter Their Lifestyle’


Gospel artist and pastor Marvin Sapp was asked for his thoughts on the success of Jay-Z’s new album, “4:44.” Jay-Z’s latest offering achieved platinum status after selling 1 million copies on his music streaming platform Tidal.

Here’s what Sapp had to say about this in relation to the Christian music industry:

I was asked a question the other day that I wanted to address via social media. Here’s the question, “Jay-Z’s album went platinum and it hasn’t even been released to the masses yet! It went certified platinum just on tidal!!

Coming to apple and all other outlets next week!!! What is that saying?” My response, “The world supports its own.” Not one supporter of Jay-Z (Believer or Non Believer) questions his lifestyle, beliefs or commitment to his wife. They know that the messenger is flawed but they support his message to the tune of 1 million sale and it hasn’t been release to the masses yet. I believe the world gets what believers still don’t or refuse to understand: that the message is always bigger than the messenger.

Believers won’t buy gospel music of some artist because of their presumed flaws and questionable life. Making them (the artist) bigger than the message of Christ and in doing so silencing this great gospel message musically and slowly but surely putting this industry of gospel music on life support that has the ability to impact the masses.

One day I pray that we all drop our rocks and remember that everyone and I mean everyone that God used in scripture was flawed and or had issues that wasn’t Jesus Christ and that’s why we needed his redemptive work in our lives. However even with their flaws and all God used them to deliver a message of hope and healing. Support the Message of gospel music and let’s keep it alive.

Not everyone agreed with Sapp, however. In the comments on his Instagram post, his followers shared their opinions. One user had this rebuttal:

Just because someone has an opinion doesn’t make it right. You have flaws in what you’re saying, but people will jump all over it like it’s pure truth. Gospel artists are ministers of music and ministers, like priests — and all real Christians are of a royal priesthood — are to be spotless. They’re not to take naked photos of themselves & their private areas and then expect real Christians to buy their albums TO WORSHIP TO.

There’s a supernatural and spiritual aspect to music that the world does not get! Christians get that; so everybody isn’t trying to attack gospel artists — they’re trying to protect themselves. Life is rough for the general audience TOO and we don’t want to mess around by supporting artists who don’t take their Christian/ministerial role seriously!

I think gospel artists are living in a bubble and want to shove music in our faces and force us to purchase from them no matter what; that’s basically what you said. That won’t happen. You all want us to change our standards because that’s what the worldly music industry (you’re also apart of) does. It isn’t right.