ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attempted Attack on Iraqi Embassy in Afghanistan

Security forces respond at the site of an attack on the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility.
Massoud Hossaini/AP

Attackers in the Afghan capital attempted to storm the Iraqi Embassy Monday, setting off a bomb before gunmen rushed the compound’s gate. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

NPR’s Diaa Hadid, reporting from Islamabad, says the attack is likely in retaliation for Iraqi security forces routing ISIS fighters from their stronghold in Mosul, Iraq.

“The group is trying to assert itself – through violent attacks – to show its followers that it still has power, despite losing important battles in Iraq and Syria,” she says.

Conflicting reports said the number of attackers was either three or four. Some reports said the initial blast was from a car bomb, others said one of the attackers, apparently wearing a suicide vest, detonated it, to begin the assault. Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish put the number of attackers at three.

Witnesses reported several explosions following the initial blast and black smoke rising from the embassy building. The gun battle reportedly lasted four hours.

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SOURCE: NPR, Scott Neuman