Former Homosexual Advises Pastors On How to Approach Sexuality & Gender Identity Confusion

Whatever you feel, that’s who you are. That’s the notion that many people today have adopted, leading some to conclude that they’re nonbinary, queer or “whatever” else, according to a former homosexual.

“That’s where so much confusion is going on today. Who am I?” Christopher Yuan, a Christian speaker who left the homosexual lifestyle, posed at Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference last week. “The world is saying ‘you are gay, you are straight.’ Actually, they’re not even using gay/straight anymore. That’s last year. It’s ‘you are nonbinary, you are whatever, you are queer; whatever you feel, that’s who you are.'”

Echoing the beliefs of many evangelicals, Yuan said, “We’re in a battle for truth. We’re in a battle for reality.”

He noted that the issues of sexuality and gender identity is pervasive, affecting all pastors, whether it be through their children, deacons, or relatives of church members.

With that, he urged pastors not to “lead with our emotions.”

Many in the church have approached the controversial issues of sexuality and gender identity with compassion, but if they have the wrong starting point, they can end up doing wrong, he warned.

“We need to start with theology,” the Wheaton College graduate told pastors during a panel discussion. “When it comes to sexuality, we have to start with theological anthropology.”

That means, Christians should start with the basic biblical truth that everyone is an image bearer of God, Yuan explained. Each person has dignity and is loved by God.

Additionally, Christians must understand the effect of the fall of man when sin entered the world.

“We have to realize that there is an ontological truth found in Scripture for who we are, not based upon what we think and do,” Yuan emphasized.

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Source: Christian Post