Dr. Dre Invests $10 Million for New Compton High Performing Arts Center

Rapper and entrepreneur Dr. Dre (file photo)

In 1988, one of Black America’s most influential hip-hop groups, N.W.A. let the world know that they were “Straight Outta Compton.” Over the years, N.W.A. member Andre Young, AKA Dr. Dre, never forgot where he came from and has made continued efforts to give back to his city. Last week, the rapper announced a 10 million dollar donation toward a performing arts center for Compton High School.

“My goal is to provide kids with the kind of tools and learning they deserve,” Dre said in a statement. “The performing arts center will be a place for young people to be creative in a way that will help further their education and positively define their future.”

Compton Unified School District board president Satra Zurita expressed her thoughts on the building of the performing arts center.

“We are excited because we are going to be home to one of the greatest performing arts centers in the country,” she said. “We were building a new high school but [Dr. Dre’s] participation in the project brings some really big names to the project. Frank Gehry, a world renowned architect is going to design it based on relationships with Dre.”

The center will have approximately 1,200 seats, state of the art technology, and small studio rooms for producing, instruments, and photography.

“Every single high school in our district for years has wanted a recording studio at their high school,” said Compton Unified School District superintendent Darin Brawley. “This is going to provide the opportunity to bring that to fruition. We envision implementing a digital broadcasting center that would enable students to continue interest in media. We have a unique opportunity to provide a well-rounded experience for students in the arts through the performing arts center as well as to the community.”

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Source: LA Sentinel