“War Room” Actor T.C. Stallings Wants ‘To Do Films That Honor God’; Says New Faith-Based Film “A Question of Faith” Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality for Message

T.C. Stallings stars as Cecil King in “A Question of Faith” AQuestionofFaith.com

Actor T.C. Stallings has revealed that like “War Room”, the upcoming faith-based film “A Question of Faith” provides audiences with quality entertainment while upholding Biblical truths.

“A film can have a great message, but if it’s not watchable, people tend to tune out and they don’t really get a chance to see the message,” Stallings, who starred as Tony Jordan in “War Room”, told The Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. “You want to have a great story, you want to have Biblical truth and all of that, but you’ve got to have good cinematography, it has to look good; you want the music to be right. These are things, even though the Biblical message is there, you don’t want to ignore.”

He added, “At the end of the day, it’s still entertainment….’War Room’ was very well-shot and pretty, it was a beautiful film. This one looks that way. It has that look and feel to where you can say, ‘I can watch this, this is watchable.’ The story and writing is good…you’ll be engaged and enjoy what you’re looking at.”

“A Question of Faith”, due for a fall 2017 release, is being directed by Kevan Otto and was written by Terrence “Ty” Manns. The film follows three families, each dealing with various tragedies that cause them to question their faith and God’s goodness. As each family member deals with their issues, their worlds start to intertwine, leading to a chain of events which unknowingly brings the three families closer and closer together. Eventually, they converge on a path to discover God’s love, grace and mercy as the challenges of their fate could also resurrect their beliefs.

“It’s a story that’s fun to watch because it doesn’t give itself away right away,” Stallings, who plays pastor Cecil King in the film, told GH. “There are three different storylines and everybody has their own situation that they’re going through, their faith has been tested, and they all converge on each other in a very interesting way. It’ll keep you interested all throughout, and…the end…will pull everybody’s heartstrings. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh.”

Stallings said he ultimately chose to be a part of the film because, like “War Room”, he believes it glorifies and honors God.

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SOURCE: The Gospel Herald
Leah Marieann Klett