North Korea Test Launches Missile With Shorter Range Than Previous Launches

North Korea’s latest test launch Sunday was a medium-range ballistic missile that has a shorter range than those the regime has fired in recent months, the White House said.

The South Korean military said the projectile was launched Sunday afternoon Korean time from the vicinity of Pukchang, an area north of the capital Pyongyang most notable for its hard-labor camp for political prisoners. It provided no other details.

News of the latest missile test came as President Trump was on his first foreign trip as president, meeting with Arab leaders in Riyadh. Among other issues, Trump was trying to reassure moderate Muslim leaders that the U.S. would not tolerate similarly provocative missile tests by Iran.

North Korea has been stepping up its provocative test-launches in recent months, attempting to develop a missile with the range and payload capacity to reach the United States with a nuclear warhead. The tests have led the Trump administration to seek closer ties with China in order to counter the threat.

“We’re all aware of the provocative actions they’ve taken, and there have been cautions given them by nations from around the world. They clearly aren’t listening,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Friday. “If this goes to a military solution, it is going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale, and so our effort is to work with the U.N., work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Gregory Korte