Ayesha Curry Rapped with E-40 About her Cookbook At a Music Festival


The Cleveland Cavaliers’ elimination of the Boston Celtics on Thursday night means that we now have a full six days off before the start of the 2017 NBA Finals next Thursday night at Oracle Arena. For the Cavs and Golden State Warriors, that means plenty of time to prepare for their only real rivals among the league’s elite. But players and families will also get a chance to relax, enjoy the holiday weekend, and maybe even stop thinking about basketball for a minute or two.

Ayesha Curry, wife of Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, was one step ahead of everyone else. Curry has parlayed her celebrity into a burgeoning career as a food celebrity, including a cookbook and a new project with one of the country’s top restaurateurs. Curry continued her run of events on the culinary stage at the Napa Valley music (and apparently culinary) festival BottleRock on Friday afternoon, and she decided to extend her reach into rap. Here she is on stage alongside hypemen E-40 and Stephen Curry:

A person is only ever going to sound so cool while rapping about recipes and various kinds of butter to the beat of Drake’s “Energy” (NSFW lyrics at the link). In that context, though, Ayesha is … not bad? BottleRock isn’t big on hip-hop acts, but she might not seem completely out of place on stage with the likes of Macklemore and House of Pain.

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Sports – Eric Freeman