Actor Tim Allen ‘Stunned, Blindsided’ by ABC’s Cancellation of Conservative-Values “Last Man Standing”

Tim Allen currently plays Mike Baxter in ABC’s comedy series “Last Man Standing.”

In response to ABC’s cancellation of its No. 3 hit show “Last Man Standing,” former Gov. of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has said he suspects that a “liberal social agenda” could have played a part, while actor Tim Allen said he was “stunned” by the unexpected news.

“There’s a lot of grumbling in conservative circles this week about ABC cancelling Tim Allen’s sitcom, ‘Last Man Standing.’ That’s understandable: it’s just about the only show in prime time that presents a conservative point of view without attacking it and makes fun of PC liberals,” Huckabee wrote on his website on Tuesday.

The ordained Southern Baptist minister, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump, added that despite the show’s ratings success, its conservative values likely didn’t sit well with Disney, the left-leaning corporate owner of ABC.

Huckabee said that some fans believes Disney is “punishing Allen for attending Trump’s inauguration and speaking out against rigid leftwing Hollywood group-think.”

At the same time, he noted that ABC is not getting syndication fees from new episodes to cover production costs, which could be a legitimate reason for letting it go after six seasons.

“Still, you’d have to be from another planet to think the networks haven’t used their programming decisions to try to push a liberal social agenda onto viewers who just want entertainment,” Huckabee continued.

“For instance, they seem to believe there are as many gay, lesbian and transgender people for real as you’d think there were from all the media attention they get.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov