WATCH: Gospel Singer Kierra Sheard Shares Her Battle With Fear and Doubt and Gives Tips to Overcome It

Photo: Kierra Sheard Instagram

Stellar Award-winning gospel artist Kierra Sheard has touched lives around the world with her voice. And yet, the songstress grapples with fear and doubt.
In a new YouTube video, the “Indescribable” singer gets emotional and transparent about her personal struggles, and offers up useful advice to others on how to win their battles.

“I was super, just like, doubting myself and just comparing myself, and it was just a lot,” the 29-year-old admitted in an upload titled “Kierra’s Konfession.”

In the midst of her funk, in that very low mental, emotional and spiritual place, Kierra said, “I got a few messages from friends” to help uplift her.

Before moving on with the video, the daughter of Bishop J. Drew Sheard needed an off-camera break to regroup and get her emotions in check.

The preacher’s daughter temporarily felt  too overwhelmed to go on.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News
Carolyn Salters