Tye Tribbett and JJ Hairston Get Candid About ‘Bloody Wins’ Ahead of Star Studded Gospel Music Tour

The Bloody Win tour featuring JJ Hairston, Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs and Jekalyn Carr kicks off in Orlando, Florida on April 16.

The latest gospel music tour sweeping the nation isn’t showcasing Christianity in a simple package of praise and worship. The “Bloody Win” tour aims to guide people through life’s bloody battles that result in victories.

Tye Tribbett, the singer-songwriter, television personality and preacher, believes the “Bloody Win Tour” he’s embarking on with fellow gospel music powerhouse performers JJ Hairston, Tasha Cobbs and Jekalyn Carr is the most aggressive tour he has ever done.

“I feel like the energy is really aggressive and I feel like it’s not really time for passive Christians. It’s time for us to take it by force,” he told The Christian Post. “The title ‘Bloody Win’ is provocative and that’s on purpose. The whole spirit of the whole night will be aggressive victory.”

When the music stops and people leave the show, Tribbett said he expects them to feel empowered to conquer trials in their lives.

“Everybody is going to leave knowing that they’re more than a conqueror,” he said. “We want them to leave empowered and go forward knowing without the shadow of a doubt that they’ve already won even the situation that they’re still in. That’s my intent.”

According to Tribbett, a bloody win is the type of victory that people earn after fighting difficult battles that result in painful wounds and scars. He used the fictional character Rocky Balboa from the “Rocky” film franchise to further illustrate the concept.

Even when pugilist Rocky was declared the victor in his bouts, he was often severely wounded when the final bell rang to end the fight.

“Here is the champion but let’s look at him. His eye was swollen shut, blood was coming out of his eye, his ribs were crushed,” Tribbett said. “Sometimes that’s what winning looks like. We feel like as believers when we take hits we take it in the loss category. But sometimes hits are in the process of victory.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos