The Case For Christ: Story of Atheist-Turned-Christian Hits Big Screen Today

Lee Strobel was an atheist — and sworn enemy of religion — when his wife became a Christian. Her faith put him on a two-year investigation to prove that her faith was a work of fiction. He never could have predicted how that journey would end and the real life tale is now a major motion picture.

“There were so many reasons why I did not want there to be a God, because I did not want to be held accountable,” Strobel said.

Millions read Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ, and now the best-selling book is a movie.

“To see your life put on a screen, not just random things from your life, but those emotional moments of the good, the bad and the ugly, the conflict we had after Leslie became a Christian and I was still an atheist, the arguments, to see that relived is difficult for us to watch,” Strobel said.

Leslie Strobel also says the movie unveiled more things to her.

“There is a scene where Lee has this big argument with his dad, and that happened on the eve of graduation for him, and when the argument was over, he came over to my house, so I heard all about it. But this is the first time I actually observed it,” she said.

Chicago Tribune Newsroom Recreated in Atlanta

Lee and Leslie’s real life unfolded in the Windy City, Chicago. But production for the Case For Christ film happened in the Atlanta area — what’s often called the “Hollywood of the South.”

Our cameras were the only allowed on the set — a re-creation of the Chicago Tribune newsroom, where Lee, an investigative reporter, began putting faith on trial.

Actor Mike Vogel plays the role of Strobel. The day CBN News talked to him, he was in costume as Strobel from the 1970s, complete with wide tie, shaggy hair and 70s style mustache.

“This is me doing Lee Strobel in my best Ron Burgundy, you know,” Vogel joked.

“It’s been fun, and it’s great as an actor when you get to do a transformation like this because it really helps throw you into the part,” he added.

Lee’s transformational story really begins the day his wife falls in love with another man: Jesus.

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Efrem Graham