T.D. Jakes Overjoyed After Watching Daughters Minister, Baptizing Youngest Son on Palm Sunday

Don’t Settle for Safe – 1 Kings 18: 7-16 The carrying capacity is the maximum amount of things that one can ration out for a short period of time. Ahab and Obadiah were trying to figure out the carrying capacity of Samaria. When you live in a drought, you only attract thirsty people. There is something down on the inside that will push you past thirsty people to get to your well. This drought can not be your destiny!  Recognize that it’s positioning and not punishment.  The drought is not punishment. He used the drought to humble you and enable you to appreciate the reason behind it. God has made you vulnerable in a season where you asked for strength. It’s okay to risk being vulnerable to open up the door of FAITH.  GOD is there for you. Don’t let your carrying capacity limit your FAITH.  There is a well sitting on top of a well! He that began a good work down on the inside of you will complete it! You can’t afford to play it safe. Rivers are flowing! Rivers are flowing! The drought is over! Watch the rebroadcast of #DontSettle tonight at tdjakes.org/watchnow or on the TDJakes Mobile App. @sarahjakesroberts

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