Suge Knight’s Ex-Wife, Sharitha Golden, Denies Killing Tupac, Threatens Lawsuit Over Knight’s Latest Accusation

Sharitha Golden, Suge Knight’s ex-wife, is angry that people continue to accuse her of killing rap legend, Tupac Shakur. Shakur was fatally wounded in September 1999 when the vehicle he and Knight were traveling in was sprayed with bullets while stopped at a Las Vegas traffic light.

In a video response to the latest series of accusations, Golden said, “No way in hell I would’ve murdered Tupac…” She shared that she’s “sick of getting a hundred-thousand calls” from people about her involvement in the shooting.  For more than two decades, Golden has heard allegations that she and Death Row staffer Reggie White Jr. orchestrated the attack on her then-husband and CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, and that Shakur was caught in the crosfire. The motive was supposedly to take Knight out, so that Sharitha would get half of Death Row Records. “I already had half of the company,” Golden says. Death Row Records collapsed shortly after Tupac Shakur’s murder due to a number of legal and personal issues.

Golden feels that the effect the accusations have had on her children, one of them being a child with Knight, has been the hardest part. They’ve been taunted throughout their school careers because of who their parents are. While she says that she’s not usually one for lawsuits, the recent supposed bombshell may warrant one.

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SOURCE: TMZ / Joy105