Seven More Fox News Staffers to Join Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Seven more Fox News payroll staffers are expected to join a racial discrimination lawsuit against the conservative cable network.

The employees, who are black, will add their names to the suit claiming ousted comptroller Judith Slater hurled racial insults and pitted employees against each other, according to New York Magazine.

The expanding legal case suggests that the accounting department festered under former CEO Roger Ailes’ management and includes a claim that Slater forced black employees to arm wrestle white peers at their Midtown headquarters.

“Forcing a black woman employee to ‘fight’ for the amusement and pleasure of her white superiors is horrifying,” wrote lawyers on behalf of the seven defendants.

The letter — obtained by the magazine — states that the arm wrestling competitions were offensive, humiliating and “reminiscent of Jim Crow era battle royals.”

Additionally, the suit will allege Fox News accounting director Tammy Efinger was complicit in Slater’s prejudice.

“Not once did Ms. Efinger step in or attempt to interfere with Ms. Slater’s outrageous conduct,” the magazine reports the documents as stating, adding that Efinger “chose to laugh or giggle following Ms. Slater’s vitriol.”

The employees slated to join the suit were not immediately identified.

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Source: NY Daily News |