‘Peeping Tom’ Man Caught Taking Photos of Women In Target Dressing Room

A newly constructed Target store is shown in San Diego, California May 17, 2016.

Wednesday night, a peeping Tom was caught kneeling on the floor of the dressing room area and taking pictures with his cell phone at a West Knoxville Target by a store employee and a woman he tried to photograph.

“I was trying on something and I looked in the mirror and saw something under my door and when I looked I didn’t know what it was and then it moved,” Leigh Hamby told WBIR 10News.

Hamby said she was in the dressing room around 7:45 p.m. and that there was not an attendant monitoring the dressing room area.

She quickly realized what she just caught sneaking underneath her dressing room door.

“Your first instinct is your stomach kinda drops a little bit because it wasn’t just passing, it was a little under the door,” said Hamby.

As soon as Hamby realized what happened, she heard a store employee shout.

“She asked him in that mama bear voice, which I appreciated, ‘What are you doing?’ and I heard a man’s voice say something like ‘nothing’ or a defensive comment back. At that point, he took off,” said Hamby.
An incident report from the Knoxville Police Department identifies the store employee as Susan Davis.
Davis told police, “while the victim, Leigh Hamby, was in the dressing room she observed the suspect, white male with black hat, burgundy t-shirt, gray shorts, around 5’9″ and close to 200 pounds, kneeling down by the dressing room,” according to the police report.
Davis also told police the suspect had his cell phone out and was taking photographs under the dressing room.
“I feel so violated. It’s dehumanizing in a sense. That someone feels they can come into my dressing room and take something that doesn’t belong to them. It’s a violating and a humiliating feeling,” said Hamby.
The incident report also indicates there is surveillance video of the suspect.
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Brittany Bade