‘False Prophet’ David E. Taylor Says he’s Not Being Investigated By Federal Government For Improper Use of Ministry Funds Since he Was Awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Before Barack Obama Left Office

As you may know, there have been some slanderous videos against my character and ministry, falsely accusing me of being investigated by the federal government. I want you to know that I have never been investigated by the federal government, nor has this ministry. These videos were put out by a man who has a personal vendetta against me and the ministry. According to the daughter of the man that put this video out, he was angry because his ex-wife gave a financial gift to a “black man’s ministry”. He threatened me and said that he would slander my name and later subpoenaed me to court to testify in his divorce hearing as a third party witness. He filmed the hearing and later edited and chopped up 15 hours of his divorce hearing video, to make it look like I was being investigated by the federal government. It was all a lie. I want you to know that I forgive this man, I hold nothing against him.

Just a few months ago, I received the lifetime achievement award from President Barack Obama and the United States Government. I felt so honored and humbled to receive such a reward. It is the highest award for volunteer services that the United States Government gives. If I was really being investigated by the federal government, I would’ve been in jail and I would have never received this award. How could I be getting investigated by the government and at the same time receive the highest award in the land for my volunteer services from them?

I wanted to address this issue in case you have seen those videos and have been affected in your mind. You need to know the truth. The devil is trying to impede people by slandering me and this ministry because he doesn’t want you and others to be blessed! Satan is attacking this ministry because he knows Jesus is appearing face to face through my life and he hates this ministry’s effectiveness in changing people’s lives. But today we put the devil under our feet!

I want you to know that I love you, and I would never misuse God’s ministry or the resources that are given for the expansion of His Kingdom.

Always Remember, God has not planned any defeat for you!

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SOURCE: David E. Taylor Facebook

Original post: WATCH: ‘False Prophet’ David E. Taylor Questioned by Lawyer Over Improper Use of Ministry Funds