City of Detroit Still Hasn’t Fixed Sinkhole in Parking Lot of Bethlehem-Judah Church

A church in Detroit has been waiting for the city to repair a sinkhole in its driveway, and now, the sinkhole has turned into a safety concern.

The Bethlehem-Judah Church in Detroit has inherited a problem, and it’s a big problem: A gaping hole in its back driveway. It has caused a major inconvenience.

“It’s very frustrating because we all have been city residents at one time, and we grew up, so we are invested in the city,” Tamara Howard said. “So to not get help from the city is frustrating.”

Howard said the hole formed in January and has become a trash pit.

“The city hasn’t done anything except come out and give us a sign,” Howard said. “Now Waste Management can’t come get our dumpster to get the trash out of the way.”

Waste Management can’t drive down the driveway to get the bin, so the church is paying for a service they aren’t getting.

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SOURCE: Koco McAboy, Derick Hutchinson