Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Drop Ads Featuring Scantily Clad Models

Pro-family groups are celebrating the news that a fast-food restaurant chain has decided to scrap its racy television commercials.  

Carl’s Jr., owned by CKE Restaurants, and its sister fast-food chain Hardee’s, has announced a new ad campaign strategy focusing on the quality of their food instead of scantily clad models. Melissa Henson directs Parents Television Council‘s Advertiser Accountability Campaign.

“I hope it goes without saying that we’re very pleased they are finally abandoning this very obnoxious, in-your-face … ad campaign they’ve been running now for a number of years using celebrities, models, and so forth in these very suggestive and highly sexualized advertisements,” Hanson tells OneNewsNow.

“It’s demeaning, it’s degrading, it’s reinforcing to young viewers the objectification of women, so there’s really no good that comes out of this strategy they’ve been employing.”

But now CKE has changed course, and Monica Cole, director of, feels the members of her group made a difference in voicing their displeasure with the ads.

“We can’t take all the credit,” Cole says, “but I do feel like we helped make a difference in leading them to this decision.”

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Bill Bumpas