Kidnapped Pakistani Christian Mom Rescued After Being Forced Into Islamic Marriage

Women from the Christian community mourn for their relatives, who were killed by a suicide attack on a church, during their funeral in Lahore, March 17, 2015. Suicide bombings outside two churches in Lahore killed 14 people and wounded nearly 80 others during services on Sunday in attacks claimed by a faction of the Pakistani Taliban.

A Pakistani Christian mother of three, who was abducted and forced into an Islamic marriage, has been rescued after having been beaten, tortured, mutilated and forced to live as a Muslim wife for months.

As previously reported, 31-year-old Christian divorcee Fouzia Bibi was abducted by her Muslim boss, Muhammed Nazir, in Pattoki in July 2015 after he called on her to do some cleaning in his home.

After Fauzia’s father and brother went to Nazir’s home to check up on her the following day, they were told that Fouzia had entered into an Islamic marriage and that she was now Nazir’s property.

Even though Fouzia was later able to escape from the house, Nazir and his family lodged a police complaint that stated that Fouzia had been kidnapped. Fouzia’s family was threatened by the local police with persecution, torture and arrest if they did not return their daughter to Nazir.

Although the London-based charity British Pakistani Christian Association made efforts to find Fouzia and her family a safe house to live in, the family felt as though they had little choice but to return Fouzia to Nazir. Last March, it was reported that Fouzia was officially returned to Nazir in order to spare her family members from arrest or persecution.

On Tuesday, BPCA announced that Fouzia had been rescued from her enslaved marriage and returned to her family. She is now living in a BPCA safehouse.

BPCA worked alongside of Fouzia’s brother and cousin to help Fouzia officially escape her captors last Oct. 27. The news of her escape is just now being published because the organization wanted to allow Fouzia the chance to recover and seek safe shelter.

Fouzia told BPCA of the mental and spiritual anguish that her time as Nazir’s servant wife caused her.

“I thought God had left me and wanted to end my life. I stopped praying and hated myself. I thought I was evil and had done something to make God hate me,” Fouzia stated. “I felt dirty and unclean all the time, the monster made me do things I am so ashamed of. But I had no choice. It made me angry that God was blaming me.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith