Houston Community on Edge After Notorious MS-13 Gang Murders Girl In Satanic Ritual, Says Satan ‘Wanted a Soul’

Two MS-13 gang members kidnap 3 teen girls, murder one of them in satanic ritual in Houston (CP24‏/Twitter)

A Houston community is on edge after members from the notorious MS-13 gang murdered a 15-year-old girl and left her body on the side of the road.

However, this murder is more than a gruesome reminder of gang violence. Authorities believe it was a Satanic ritual.

Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22,  and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, were charged with kidnapping three young girls and murdering one of them who went by the name “Genesis.”

The two men smiled and waved at the cameras during their first court appearance, but no one was smiling when the prosecutor told the account of one girl who managed to escape captivity.

The prosecutor said Alvarez-Flores, also known as “Diabolico,” kept a shrine to Satan in the apartment where the girls where held. They sexually assaulted the girls but events took an even darker turn when Genesis insulted the Satanic shrine.

“One night during her confinement, she observed an incident where Genesis made an outburst against a shrine dedicated to the gang members’ satanic beliefs,” the prosecutor said. “Diabolico (Alvarez-Flores) was offended at the outburst.”

He approached the statue and offered it a cigarette, but soon walked away. He said Satan, whom he called “the beast” did not want a cigarette that day.

“The beast did not want a material offering, but wanted a soul,” Alvarez-Flores said, according to the prosecutor.

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