FEC Commissioner Lee Goodman Plans to Step Down, Says Democrat’s Resignation Leaves Internet ‘Freer and Safer’

The regulator who worked to keep online political speech free of federal control is planning to step down this year, saying that he believes the Internet “is a little bit freer and a little bit safer” than when he assumed his position.

“I know that I am looking to depart the agency sometime this year,” Federal Election Commissioner Lee Goodman said in an interview with The Hill. “I would expect a new cast of at least four commissioners, probably this year.”

Goodman, a Republican who joined the agency in 2013, developed a reputation for speaking up when his Democratic colleagues voted to crack down on the Internet and the press. Those included efforts to regulate websites like Twitter, Facebook, and the Drudge Report, and one attempt to punish Fox News over the criteria it used for including candidates in a Republican presidential debate.

Goodman said he believes the threat has subsided. This was due in part to President Trump’s election as well as the fact that one of his Democratic colleagues, Commissioner Ann Ravel, stepped down at the end of February.

“I think today the Internet is a little bit freer and a little bit safer now that Commissioner Ravel has left the Federal Election Commission,” Goodman remarked to the Hill.

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner