Study Shows That Blacks in the Tech Industry Get Paid $10,000 Less Than Other White Workers

Being African American in the technology industry can cost you $10,000 a year.

That’s one of the findings from a salary survey out Thursday from Hired, an online job marketplace.

The average African-American candidate is nearly 50% more likely to get hired in tech but gets paid about $10,000 less in San Francisco and New York, putting black tech workers at a significant disadvantage, even compared to other minority groups.

The survey found that the average Latino candidate is 26% less likely to get hired than the average white candidate and the average Asian candidate is 45% less likely. But the salaries for both are more in line with white candidates, with Latinos receiving $5,000 less, and Asians receiving $2,000 less on average.

Age is also a major factor. Candidates 45 and over begin to see average salaries decline and also receive fewer job offers. Companies offer an average of $132,000 to candidates between the ages of 50 and 60, which is essentially what they’re offering to candidates who are ten years younger.

Previous studies have found that Hispanics, Asians and blacks do not get equal pay for equal work in the high-tech industry.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Jessica Guynn