Snazzy’s Barbershop In South Carolina Celebrates 40 Years as Black Owned Business

Snazzy’s Barbershop (Facebook)

Snazzy’s Barbershop is one of the oldest Black owned businesses in Aiken County. September will mark 40 years since the business began in 1977.

Windell Davis who is the owner of the barbershop says the business has an even longer history that started with his family.

“My brother Joe Davis was already cutting hair and he had been cutting in the barbershop for ten years. I used to come get my hair cut and I just liked the barbershop atmosphere and decided to become a barber.” Davis said.

Windell who went to barber school In Columbia, learned how to cut hair and then started working at Snazzy’s as a teen and learned even more from working alongside his brother.

When Davis’ brother passed away he left him to take over the family business along with his sister who works in the salon next door.

“Nothings been like Snazzy’s, I remember when we used to open up in the morning we may have like 40 people to walk in the door time we open up in the morning between 6:30 and 7 am.

William Dugar who also worked In the barbershop with Davis’ brother Joe says back then it was the only barbershop in Aiken that had customers from all ethnicities not just African Americans .

“Joe would get you up about 6 o’clock in the morning he was an early bird. We didn’t turn anyone down, we cut Caucasian hair, we cut Chinese, Vietnamese, we were international.” Dougar said.

Aside from the nostalgic feel of black history, pride, and culture I asked Davis why so many people flocked to the barbershop and for him the answer was simple.

” Because  we were good, why not? We had people from Wagner, Williston, Aiken, Ridge Spring, North Augusta all surrounding areas coming right here to Snazzy’s.” Davis added.

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